Monday, July 1, 2013

The Ark Testimony

One fine sunny day, I chanced upon two friends building something monumental.  I did not understand, but I stopped in momentary isolation, thoughtful. My stressful journey demanded all of my time and my resources as cost; I did not understand what I saw. My wife and I in turmoil tossed, in tired dreams sold to us by generations past, whose guides though well intended, now were lost. I did not understand so I inquired of those leading the effort, “sirs, tell me of your purpose and of the cheery natured crew.” They replied, “together, more may be accomplished – isn't that true? Together, with integrity, effort and leadership, wonderful possibilities renew. Wonderful possibilities seen first in the vision, with integrity sharing and persistent effort caring; leadership guides the process, knowledge, and encourages - preparing. You are not alone with us you see. See the Ark and consider its meaning.”

The Ark, called by two friends teamed who learned to build a vessel to better lives dreamed. In time as others believed, the great ship took shape – a vision conceived. A righteous vessel for all with blessings designed, though some cannot see and many decline. The hopeless offer ridicule and fortune-tellers of failure as judge’s rule - and all joined the song of the denial chorus. The denial sometimes angry, the anger sometimes hateful, hurt many who would have shared the efforts, becoming strong. Who then would heal the hurt when the Ark proved its promise and the nay-sayers proved wrong? Look at those shouting, “it cannot be done!” Do they live their dreams or are dreamers shunned? Look then at the Ark builders, who say, “join us - learn to lead.” Share the wonderful lives of the freed, and ask of the team what they discover. Does the new information transform the laborer into something more, someone better? The joy of the builders shared in positive light made the association grow as the vision shone bright. The vision they shared requires one admission price. Honestly look at yourself and decide to climb your climb to your heights. The biased, first hurdle claims more than a few, by turning away blind – guaranteeing futile review. Will five more years of your current labor; open your dreams – even if yes, how many years later? Or will it see you five years older, tread-milling, with more distant dreams colder? Or can you honestly ask of the Ark-building team, how many years have you labored, to reach for your dreams? Hear when they say two, three or five and make note of achievements that can’t be denied! But all can claim progress - if they applied, the lessons learned by those earlier arrived. The lessons hard learned by the two, then the seven, and soon the million, in time. Change forces change when fierce struggles grow; they need the Ark builders and teamwork to know, how to build dreams to stand free, while learning to serve as they are learning to lead. The Ark, you see, came in opportunity disguised, hidden from the ninety-five but known to the five; a vision of trust to build better lives.