Friday, September 13, 2013

Wrought by Freedom

Typing on a machine with pictures for paper and words, I dreamed. The quiet, quick way words could be wrought, moved and corrected, amazed me. Thoughts raced from the capacity of my mind, to the pages not written anywhere, and the gorgeous, limitless possibilities excited me – for I knew in an instant, a wonderful new freedom existed. I knew what could be.

The dream carried me further, connected me through the machine, to the entire world. Millions, billions, of pages of pamphlets, of newspapers and books, of letters of study and proposal, of research and history, of medicine and agriculture, of government and nations – literally, all that could be imagined at my fingers! You and I, with our lives chronicled nearly day by day as we founded a nation of liberty, it was all there! And not only for students and scholars locked away in hallowed halls – but found in every building and home! I exclaim! I use a mark so often as to devalue the purpose, I know it – but I can do no other thing. I exclaim!

Though I raced from place to place, seizing upon what our children built with the tools of freedom and entrepreneurial effort, I began to hear cries. The creeping unease bringing the tenseness to my body and soul erupted into flashes of insight that all was not well. Freedom? I began to hear louder cries. Honest men cannot even be recognized as such – though they stand in front of giants of evil. Evil, whose only virtue derived from offices created by yours and my and our patriot brother’s minds, pens and arms. Words torn from oppression and valiantly proclaimed to a world enslaved; words upon which a great nation rose, now rendered for the cheapest speeches of liars. And the common man knew them to be so. One of the most common cliches admits “politicians are liars.” Too many words made too little sense and right is now judged wrong by our highest courts. The cries grow louder to my ears and sickens my heart. Though I understand all written words cannot be true, and all spoken, even less likely so; those issues written in actions must be examined honestly. Wars and not simply rumors – but wars of distant madness, made clean for the perpetrators, still bring all the age old horrors unleashed by the worst demons. Saved at the cost of their destruction, but saved nonetheless as it is said –even by presidents! And the ghastly machines of wars, soldiered by those understanding only the elite propaganda; they make war even on the battlefield of the machine on which I typed. No! I cried NO! These actions cannot be those distilled from true values of honest and free peoples. If in ignorance they govern – can we have become so lazy and complacent a people as to accept such failed honor as normal and good? In simplest proof I offer this - that the mightiest dog cannot make every work of his engine of life, the eradication of the single flea, and in so doing destroy its entire pack.

So I looked again, through the courses and eddies of the river of information - for something, some evidence extant.  I could not be so alone in time; we could not be so alone. For surely some quiet and small set of patriots say no to the every word copied and archived and read by the machines. Then to be spat upon a threshing floor of policing by even more callous oppressors.  Police of a once free people, become an occupying army of violence directed by mindless bureaucrats on behalf of onerous taxes and absurd regulations. Such that even imagined conduction of body language, as if words not said, but somehow otherwise received by an offended and pathetic individual - races to occupy the time of the courts! And the same courts of law and their officers – made ignoble by their decisions and actions, even as they applaud themselves as nobility of the common good.  Their own trivial and incoherent rhetoric and deeds prove them otherwise. Honor vacates such people. 

Some few still say no to such travesty. Others said no while congress introduced bills to strip citizens of their standing; subjecting them to programs of such confinement and punishment that only kings and tyrants of old could understand the whimsy and betrayal involved. Others said no when defense of self and property against the feral and vibrant petty criminals slams them beneath the press of over-vigilant nannies who eschew even the most basic laws of nature, freedom and responsibility. Where is justice to be found in such courts? 

The people, so taxed by the leviathan of our government that fully half stand with their hand out to vile masters called public servants. Indeed, they clamor for a dependent poverty so stupefying that they cannot even conceive its purpose or cause or cure. The mob now voting, promotes more curious and determined evil against the honest citizen than did the French masses we witnessed in their chaos – they only attacked their own aristocratic thieves and uncommitted fellows – but never thought to end the birthright of their own nation!

The love of money is indeed driving all effort of the halls of our buildings in government. 

John, your failure proves out in this dream – that the central power cannot be allowed to coalesce to this end, but must be flung farther and wider than even I imagined. Though in fairness, my failure was also this – that men grow fat and lazy in prosperity derived from the successes of freedom and liberty, and thereby quickly yield honor and virtue. Therefore, each man must completely earn their right to participate in government, and it must be rightly, honestly, and personally earned – and maintained with vigor, lest that same prosperity steal it away.

I end with simply this, that those who say no still claim a spark of the same that burned in us. That spark engulfed a people yearning to be free – and it will again retrieve that liberty from the simple minded governors and kings. And as one dream ends another one begins – I’ll look to the future for the greatness to return to a free people.